Think of us as a shopping Xanadu wherein a high-end hippy princess meets the vintage love of her life. Our passion is bringing uniquely curated decor ideas (for both body and home) to our community through retail and design. Come collaborate with us!

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Robin is living her dream! A native New Yorker, Robin grew up with all things crafty and interesting around her. As a child, she developed a love for both vintage design and on-trend fashion. She says she is a second-generation talent: Robin strongly credits her mother as both an inspiration and teacher. As she got older, she began using her talents to help people decorate their homes…not necessarily with new things, but often with things they already owned and loved, using her magic touch to give new life to old treasures. She also helped clients purge their designer closets and just couldn’t let these beautiful things fall to the wayside…she knew she wanted to become a vintage reseller. From these exciting and educational experiences, Robin began to form a vision and the dream to open her own fantastic boutique was born. In 2017, a dream was realized: Eclective flung open it’s doors – inviting others to come in and explore the glittering, funky world of all things Eclective!

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Michelle Hope

Michelle began her journey with yoga in 2010, after being blessed with three beautiful boys.
Through practice and travel her lifelong interest in jewelry design and vintage fashion has grown.
Michelle has been honing her skills and developing her own special brand of teaching, learning & creating. Michelle’s focus incorporates humor, playfulness, and wisdom and she hopes to encourage our clients to move through life with grace, power and beauty.

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